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For the entirety of our 2023 Season (The Season of Umoja), BAM Talent has been creating opportunities and building platforms for artists to grow but we're in a time where theatrical artists stand at a crossroads. It’s no secret Theatre has been suffering the slings & arrows of time lately. We're finding more organizations shuttering their doors, reducing their ranks & catering to smaller numbers. It's apparent that unless you have a vast following or carry a large subscriber base, true traditional Theatre may not survive.


So, What do we do?


We feel the real question is: What DON’T we do?


This is when art becomes objectively more important as we document the world we currently face but subjectively more important as we individually deal with and, hopefully, survive it.


BAM Talent's Mission Statement is "To Enrich, Inspire & Enable Black & Underrepresented Voices through Professional-Level Theatrical Training & Production Works." In building this organization, we recognize as time changes, we need to adapt & treat this organization as a living and breathing organism... that will grow & change as it develops. That change begins now.


The formation of this season has taken all of these things into account. Even in that, we know nothing good comes easy. BAM Talent has been a labor of love rooted in West Michigan’s growth, change & improvement since its inception. We are now looking to reach within & beyond our borders in order to create more artistic opportunities & make them more readily accessible. With that, BAM Talent's 2024 Season is fast approaching and we're raising money that will allow us to cement our operations, both locally & nationally, while also proving that we can stand on our own laurels & survive. The plans we're going to lay out here will open doors for a huge feat of artistic ingenuity for our community & and your donation will help make an enormous impact for BIPOC, Queer and Underrepresented Artists.

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