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DARIUS “T.Q.” COLQUITT is an Award-Winning Professional Entertainer, Writer & Director from Chicago's South Side. Starting out as a child actor, "T.Q." appeared in several SUBWAY Restaurant Ads & an ABC Television Movie entitled "There Are No Children Here", all before the age of ten. Now, at age 29, he shows no signs of slowing down, having premiered in 70+ productions with numerous theatrical companies & entertainment entities throughout the Midwest, including Cornerstone Productions, ETA Creative Arts Foundation, Black Ensemble Theatre, Chocolate Chips Theatre Company, Theatre At The Center, Big Noise Theatre Company, HoperaWorld, Fine Print Theatre Co., Half/Bloc Entertainment, PUSH Films, Orion's Belt Films, New Faces Global, Actors Theatre & Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids.


"T.Q." has had the great honor of sharing spaces with some amazingly talented celebrities and personalities including Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Keith David, Dr. Phil, Bob Love of The Chicago Bulls, and Country Icons, The Judds. In addition to sitting on the board of several Midwest Arts Organizations, "T.Q." tours his original solo works under his self-titled entity "Darius "T.Q." Colquitt & Company", manages a small graphic design business (DC Designs), Theatrical Foundation (Nu Xpression Theatrics) and serves as the lead vocalist of the Chicago-based band, "Wilson Wilson".


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