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Building on a Budget: A Props Workshop




3 Hours

About the Course

Have you ever wanted to make your own cosplay props or wanted to get into the world of prop designing but found yourself confused and way over budget with ‘worbla’, ‘EVA foam’ and ‘thermoplastics’? Don’t worry! In this masterclass you will learn the basics of how to design and make professional looking swords, shields, and other accessories out of materials you can find at the dollar store!

Your Instructor



Meaghan Gietzen (She/Her) is an artist working as a freelance illustrator and teaching artist in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She completed her undergrad at Kendall College of Art & Design where she studied Medical Illustration. Meaghan is a large participant in the local community both onstage and offstage. She has performed and worked backstage on countless productions throughout the years, some of her favorites include Rent, The Wolves, and Xanadu. Meaghan makes sure to work her passion for activism into her pieces. She recently completed a mural for Planned Parenthood and is currently 3D modeling diagrams for an inclusive sexual education course coming soon! In her free time she loves to garden, cook, and play video games. Make sure to check out Meaghan's works at!

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