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A Look Through Our Eyes

To reword a famous quote by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in regards to a different event on American soil: “September 11th, 2001: a date which will live in infamy, the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by Al-Qaeda radicals", bringing down the World Trade Center, also known as the Twin Towers, based on the island of Manhattan in New York City. This attack saw 2,977 deaths which included US citizens, foreign visitors, firefighters & law enforcement. It was a tragedy felt by 90 countries around the world and seen as one of the biggest assaults to freedom on American soil, with effects still being felt today.


Now, with the 20th anniversary of the events quickly approaching, the time for reflection is, yet again, upon us. Streaming on the anniversary weekend of the events (September 10th-12th) through #BAMTalent’s web platform, “A Look Through Our Eyes” is being reimagined as a filmed staged reading, allowing all the opportunity for reflection.

A Look New Poster


Julian (Tre) Robinson, Todd Lewis, Robert Lee Williams III, Stephanie Mull, Micah J. Hazel, Cal Kreiner, Bri Edgerton

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BAM Talent, West Michigan's newest nonprofit is teaming up with Grand Rapids Civic Theatre to present the work of local artists Meaghan Gietzen, Micah McDonald & Savian Tuggle in the lobby of Grand Rapids Civic Theatre! Come learn more about BAM TALENT, meet these amazing artists & support their artistry by making a purchase!



Our First Artist Sponsorship Sale!


Saturday, Oct. 16th | 6-7:30PM

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